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Let us rise up and build!

The third chapter of Nehemiah is such a sweet passage!

I can nearly see Nehemiah making rounds on his donkey, checking on each of the workers as they labor to rebuild the wall of the city. He knows them by name. He takes note of them and is familiar with their work. There is Meremoth and there is Meshullam! Near them, the Fish Gate is repaired and its doors are hung. The chapter sings a sort of working version of Psalm 133. To me, it's an image of the work of the church today. Each Christian has his/her task from the Lord - their space along the wall - and yet each Christian is working together, united around one goal - the glory of God.

I've only memorized the first five verses of chapter 3 so far, but I do want to take this chapter slowly to make sure that I recall the names correctly. You might say, "Now, Megan, who cares what his name was! He died 2500 years ago!" But these individuals were people the same as you and me. They had names and families. They had flesh & bone just as I have and they used their strength for God's work. They had days which were numbered, as do I. Why should I not remember them? May I remember them and be encouraged! (Hebrews 12:1-2)

But let me do so with care. It wouldn't be good for me to become so caught up in the past so that I neglect my own work on the wall. For I, too, have work to do for the glory of God. As I commit these old names to memory, let me also remember the people of my own time. May my heart remember the names of those who work around me on the wall - brothers & sisters in Christ both near and far, free and in chains, leaders and servants - and let me also remember my enemies, for Christ has told me to pray for them, too. May God help me to continue earnestly in prayer (Col 4:2) and to work, speak, sing, learn, explore, laugh, eat, drink, and do all things for the glory of the Lord (1 Cor 10:31), walking with Him.

..."The God of heaven Himself will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build..." Nehemiah 2:20
Tags: christian, church, colossians, i corinthians, love, nehemiah, psalms

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