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I want to be home for the Seder Meal!

"mom": I have a social mtg at 7 about the seder
CuivienenIrohael: ahhh yum
CuivienenIrohael: seder^^
"mom": we'll save u some matza hehe
CuivienenIrohael: yay!!!

I love matza ^_^ Whenever we have the seder meal I get all excited! I love the tradition and I think I got my taste for horseradish from the "bitter herbs" of that service! And of course I eat all of the leftover matza ^_^
Yeah, I am Lutheran, Christian but we still celebrate the seder meal at my church every few years! We don't do any other such services, but we have that at least. I am glad because it really is interesting!

So there's my random entry on my involvement with Jewish tradition!! :D Now I just have to learn Hebrew like my Dad ^_^

Also, I want to get these two books out of the library about stones and their use in Byzantine amulets and the like. Unfortunately, the only two books about lapidary are in some storage room off the college grounds and no one ever goes there. Basically it is a room filled with old, unloved books ;_; So I will have to wait a few days while my order is processed and the books retrieved. In the meantime I will be kept busy with some other random interest..or just plain homework....eww...
Tags: ancient, books, hebrew, holidays, jew, stones, study

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