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QSL in color

I recently rearranged my room. In the process, I left the maps and whiteboard where they were, so now there's a blank wall over my desk. The only color on that whole wall is my ARRL amateur radio band chart. It looks rather out of place amidst the green, nail-marked wall.

I decided to decorate the empty wall with QSL cards. These are the postcards that amateur radio operators exchange after they make a contact on the air. My collection is very small - about ten? *cough* But that doesn't count the folks I contacted at various Field Days and other group operating events. *attempts at justification are failing me here - hi* At any rate, the cards are very fun and colorful. It's neat to see the different stations that I've contacted and it makes me curious to know who I'll contact in the future.

As far as operating goes, I'm almost on the air. I'm working out the final details of an antenna here at the "Bluebird" QTH. I've already got a QSL design ready to go. I'm looking forward to talking to folks casually on the air and to participating in some fall events. The PA QSO Party is coming up here in October and ARRL Sweepstakes CW follows in November. I've been listening to CW nearly every day since Field Day and it's getting easier with time and consistent practice. I'm being patient with myself this second time around :) I'm considering asking the folks at church if anyone would be interested in learning the code. I plan to do that after I get on the air, though. I want to be able to show them what live code sounds like before I send them home with a key and oscillator. I don't only want to share the joy of code, but also the joy of radio!
Tags: cw, ham radio, housing, radio equipment

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