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Tropical Storm - 8.27-28.2011

This weekend, tropical storm Irene is passing through the area. We're on the outskirts of the storm, so while we haven't seen the strong winds, it's been raining heavily for hours. Flash flood warnings have been released by NWS - we may get as much as 6 more inches of rain in addition to what has already fallen. We're keeping an eye on our basement.

I spent this week studying emergency preparedness. Between the earthquake and the storm, I was found myself eager to find ways to prepare myself and my roommates for potential emergency situations. First off, I began to assemble an emergency kit for the house. I used's checklist as a starting point. In addition to that, I prepared my radio gear and tuned into a few local nets. This afternoon, they held a net to discuss the storm and the likelihood of being called to support the county.

When I began to dive back into amateur radio this summer, I was hesitant to step back into the spheres of public service and emergency service. After this week, though, I'm reconsidering that. I've enjoyed preparing the emergency kit and plan, listening to county nets, and reviewing Skywarn notes. I also found that I was one of the more calm and clear-headed employees during the recent earthquake evacuation. So, I'm thinking about pursuing emergency preparedness service activities in my free time again. I'm still certified with Skywarn, have equipment for 2 meters, and have many friends who would be thrilled to help me get the training and experience I need. For starters, I plan to check in to a local net on Sunday night. Their emergency preparedness net is on Tuesday night - which I can't attend because I have Bible study - but I can at least aim for Sunday. I also plan to sign up for a Red Cross first aid/cpr class next month to refresh my memory. It's probably been 15 years since I was certified! At work, I'm going to meet with our office emergency preparedness coordinator to learn about ways that I might be able to volunteer during evacuations and other activities. All this doesn't mean that I have forgotten about CW and HF :) I've been researching fall contest activities and am looking forward to participating in a few of them!

As far as today went, I had a lot of chores to keep me busy. I cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, finished some laundry, ate up a bunch of leftovers, secured some large fallen limbs in the backyard area, caught up on a little email, and caught up with roommates. It doesn't sound like much in a list, but I'm tuckered out and ready to call it a day.
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