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Fredericksburg Animated Map

Here is something interesting regarding my family history. My great-great-great grandfather was a soldier in the 131st PA, which was engaged at Fredericksburg. The movie Gods and Generals depicts this battle primarily through the eyes of the 20th Maine. I knew that the 131st PA and the 20th Maine both made the charge on Marye's Heights, but I didn't realize how close they were. If you watch the animated map section on Marye's Heights, pause the animation around 4:20 pm and hover over the regiments under Stockton and Allabach - you'll see the 20th Maine and the 131st PA. I don't know whether my g-g-g grandfather was present to make that charge, but even with the movie, I still can't imagine how horrible that must have been.
Tags: family history, history

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