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Rest and Review

This weekend I was able to rest and catch up on quite a few things: laundry, cleaning, finished reading Feasts of Jehovah by John Ritchie and read How Much Land Does a Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy and a manuscript written by a friend for the Veterans History Project.

Feeling a bit refreshed but also down for some reason, I decided to step back and take a look at where I am and how I'm spending my time and resources. Are there any thorns growing up which threaten to choke the good seed? (Mt 13:22) Am I keeping in step with the Spirit? (Gal 5:25) I'm excited about this review and about a small change or two that I plan to make, Lord-willing.


"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness..." Matthew 6:33 And more broadly, as part of the Church, see Matthew 28:18-20.


Daily: Bible reading. Prayer. Work. Eat. Clean. Fellowship with roommates. Rest.
Weekly: Public worship at church. Group Bible study. Cook. Clean/laundry. Groceries. Radio. MRG reading.
Monthly: MRG discussions. Childcare. Preaching class. Movie. Haircut.
Yearly: Holidays. Doctor's appointments. Field Day.
Unscheduled: Meditation/journaling. Bible memorization. Evangelism.

> Use time and energy "by faith" with God's kingdom in view.

> If feeling stressed or short on time, cancel some scheduled activities and/or spend less time online. Use that time to rest at home sleeping and/or reading. Later, consider how time can be spent more wisely.


Daily: Food.
Weekly: Tithe. Groceries.
Monthly: Rent/utilities. Books. Radio gear. VOM. Travel. Postage. Household supplies. Miscellaneous/gifts.
Yearly: Christmas. Insurance. ARRL.

> Set limits where helpful. Since coffee and milkshakes were putting a dent my budget, I set a limit of no-more-than 1 special beverage per day.

> Keep a watch on my heart. Implement spannungsbogen* and bring potential purchases to the Lord before ordering. If impatience threatens to overcome self-control or I feel hesitant to pray, proceed with caution.

> Consider how such an item would fit into my physical space and chronological space. Do I really need this? How would I integrate it into my life? How would it make me a more loving person and/or how would it bless others?

*"the self-imposed delay between desire for a thing and the act of reaching out to grasp that thing." Dune page 281


> I tend to get absorbed in tasks and become disoriented, lacking love for the Lord and for others.

Cultivate mindfulness and humility (dependency on God). Spend a little time in the Bible, meditation, and prayer in the evenings to finish off the day. Believe that God hears me and that He gives good gifts to His children. Be thankful! Rely on Him! Be persistent! Remind myself of the truth about God and about others. Be proactive in considering ways that I can be a blessing through sharing the gospel, teaching the Bible, helping to carry other's burdens, helping to rejoice in other's blessings, etc. Consider these means: emails, phone calls, letters, lunch invitations, coffee chats, books and sermons, visits, activities, gifts, chore assistance.
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