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Brainstorm: sanctify

Lately, I've been eager to encourage other Christians in the Scriptures. At the same time, I've experienced a growing awareness of my self-centered thinking. With both of these on my mind, I decided to do some digital brainstorming.

How can I build up the body of Christ?

-Rejoice in God my Savior :)
-Messianic prophecies study (read Messianic prophecies and note the references on a giant timeline)
-Pray for others
-Scripture Memory Group
-Bible study participation, Bible teaching class
-Meeting with friends, especially for a meal
-Sabbath worship, Sunday worship
-Encourage others, listen to others, celebrate with others, sorrow with others, love my neighbor as myself
-Write Scripture on the whiteboard in the kitchen, on emails, read Scripture, meditate on Scripture, fill my life with the word of God
-Be ready and quick to praise God (whether it's at home, at church, or in the office - not something I'm very good at doing now, but God is my strength and my wisdom)

How can I prevent self-centeredness/selfishness/covetousness? Maybe monthly I can take a day to do the following. It could be my monthly personal retreat to cultivate more mindfulness?
-pray for Christian prisoners and write one of them a letter; praise God for those who have been freed
-pray for the nations
-call my grandparents
-purchase Bibles for others
-reflect on work the past 4 weeks and pray for my office
-balance my checkbook
-write letters to friends in PA
-pray for a Bibleless people group
-pray for a few people who now have Bibles
-then, and not sooner, spend money on something nice for myself
-review memorized Scripture
-plan the next month (invite one or two people over for dinner, etc...)
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