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This past Saturday was my birthday. I celebrated in a very joyful way - praising God in His house with His people! "One thing I have desired of the LORD, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life..." Psalm 27

My parents came down and we had a wonderful weekend together. We got delicious burgers and fries on Friday night and then munched on cheesecake in the hotel room and talked :) I couldn't think of a better way to spend the evening...except doing the same thing on Gram and Pap's porch during a summer night while watching the stars come out.

On Saturday morning, we went to a Messianic worship service. We were so blessed by the love that the congregation showed us by welcoming us warmly to the service and to lunch afterwards. (I was happy to eat challah again!) Many people stopped to greet us. And they worshiped God with such joy in their songs, prayers, and teaching. Praise the Lord! My favorite part of the service was when they brought out the Torah scroll. It was wonderful to see the people's love for God's word. His word is so precious. A friend later explained the significance of this part of the service, which made it even more wonderful to remember. After the many years I paid no attention to God and hid from Him, I have to wonder why He kept loving me and gave me such loving family and friends. God has been incredibly kind to me for no reason on my part. "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever!" Psalm 89:1a

Later on Saturday, my parents and I went out to lunch for a wallaby drink and a delicious steak and fish dinner at Outback. They even brought me out a plate of ice cream with a candle! :) We also walked a bit about Mt Vernon and played with a big turkey puppet at the gift shop, hehe. I am so thankful that my parents could come for my birthday.

On Saturday night, my roommates and I watched Indiana Jones. My Bible study leader brought me a milkshake to enjoy, too! On Sunday, I was able to go to church and then enjoyed an afternoon lunch out with a friend, discussed Scripture memory with some Christian women, and went out to dinner with the rest of my roommates. We went to a great restaurant with a very black-and-white-film style atmosphere. I got the tomato soup and grilled cheese, along with another delicious milkshake :)

Monday evening I caught up with a friend and attended an interesting talk about whether the theology of a slave-owner (Jonathan Edwards) could be trusted. Tuesday night was a social outing with my Bible study group. By Wednesday I was so tired that I fell asleep after I got home from work. Work has also been busy, as I've been cleaning up certain code from the past 8 years. Just inventorying the stuff is taking days! I'm reaching the point where my brain is just not functioning properly because it's so entangled in file systems. Whew, I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday.

El Elyon - my new favorite song :) Blessed be God Most High!
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