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I only have a couple minutes to write before class but...

These days have been so long O_O I feel like I am back in my first semester of college all over again and I don't like it one bit. It's like I am all over stressed cause my mind is multitasking and - like a computer - it is starting to freeze up. I spent most of the weekend doing homework: Sat from 1pm-3 am and Sunday from 2-sometime in the evening at which point I gave up and decided to take some kinda break...*sighs*

It would be ok if:

I. I had a paper topic for Lowy-sensei..which I don't..and for which I am growing uber freaked cause I am running out of time...kyaaaaa
II. If I did NOT have my Art 120 course. It is the pits. I do not like my prof at all and she makes my mornings miserable with paranolia and makes my afternoons sour with distain.

So, I have gotta figure out a way to get those things settled and finish my application to Kansai Gaidai AND to teach myself Japanese - as my classes surely are not doing too much for..*sighs again* But I am working on music lyrics and also reading manga/listening to anime that is lagging so it forced me to sound stuff out ^^ Maybe I will be able to speak Japanese one day...but I will definately have to work on ym own outside class time to do it I am afraid.
Tags: japanese, language, schoolwork

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