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Lights and memories

6:45 am

the white waning moon
could have been mistaken
for a street lamp

Because of my dentist appointment yesterday, I had to go into work earlier than usual. I wish I could always get up and walk that early. That time - just before the dawn - is such a wonder, so quiet, and brings to mind all sorts of memories and stories. Field day 2008. Henry Dana's remarks on dawn at sea in Two Years Before the Mast. Nostalgia kicks in and I consider checking into an ARES net...then I remember that time when I visited a ham friend and before I could even get my foot in the shack, I found myself tasked with manning the local skywarn net, haha :) One day, perhaps I will be settled on a plot of land where I can freely string antennas and stroll about the foggy grass during the hours before dawn. Or, I may just have to treasure that time during Field Day.

In the meantime, after 10 pm last night I took a seat at my desk and fired up the radio. The orange glow of the panel and the bleating of cw in my headphones made me feel more at home than I have felt in a while. What adventures we've had, the radio and I! I feel the same way I did that day when I got my first transceiver.
Tags: books, creation, day, emcomm, field day, ham radio, light, me, morning, poetry, radio equipment, sun and moon, time

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