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Manga and anime teaches us things

I think it is more useful to use manga as a textbook and anime as an audio guide for learning Japanese than going to class.

It seems like after a long day of class that I have no mental energy to retain anything and I don't have the energy to care enough about it. I just want to sleep it off.

After watching anime or reading manga, however, I get this overwhelming desire to "dissect it" peice by peice and study it and diagram it down to its last bits!!! I wish I had the enthusiasm while in class!

But I think it goes along with my whole love of problem solving. Mainly I only like to study languages when I can problem solve them: take a phrase and lemme track it down to figure out what it means, where it comes from, and why it is there.

(I did that once when a friend from California gave me a random phrase from an AIM away message. He didn't even tell me what language it was in, but it turns out that it was Taglog and it meant something to the effect of: leave me alone - which seems appropriate for an away message^^ The point being that I ran around the internet till I figured it out cause the problem solving was so fun!!!)

That's also why I love names.

Did I mention that I used to read name books as a child? I did ^_^ They may look as boring as a dictonary but I ate them up like grilled cheese!! I still love them. I own a ton of them XDXD I sometimes use them when naming characters in my stories but usually I just like studying the meanings and roots and languages! :D:D Names are amazing! I even have a slightly "controversial type" name book which explains the character traits which possibly go along with certain names - it is very fun to compare the entries to my family and friends and see how they compare^^ Buahaha! I think Megans (from Margaret->from Greek for Pearl) are known to be travels! yay thats true enough! ^_^

Anyway, I think I will stick to doing language learning the hard way (aka - translating random phrases by hand) because that turns out to be easier for me to learn! O.o
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