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Conversations, thoughts, tired x.x

CuivienenIrohael: on MWF I have work from 9-10 and then classes start and on T, Th I have class starting at 9

Fhermes16: that's oddly planed

CuivienenIrohael: yeah well the alternative was to work late in the afternoons and by then I am so tired that I cant stand working - lol - so better to get it over with (plus it means I dont have to reset my alarm every night)
CuivienenIrohael: ^^

Fhermes16: how do you look at the positive of things?
CuivienenIrohael: what do you

Fhermes16: i suppose no one can answer that type of question

CuivienenIrohael: *megan smiles and shrugs* I dunnos - I guess it comes from a wanting of life to be beautiful - and since I want it to be that way, I make it that way in my mind - whether it is or not I wont be satisfied unless it is good - or something^^

I am proud of my efforts today: I drew stuff, did the main part of my hw (that for tomorrow), and worked on my Kansai Gaidai application essays....but no matter how much effort I put in the work load just stretches on and now with Khansensei's increasing of the assigned reading I am not hopeful that I will be able to get all of this infernal work done ever. But I wont whine about it any more. I am all kinds of Hiwatari/Subaru/Shoin happy with manga and such things and it is time for sleeping - which also makes me happy. I can think on manga, Japanese, katsucon, my new Hiwatari-kun pics^^ and such things (and for some reason yaoi has been on my mind to but I won't go there...O.o)

Also...on the topic of sleeping....
(It seems that when I am in an overwhelming place or time, my bed is the best comfort of all. Sleep=rest and forgetfulness and it is sooo wonderful to just relax and "giv up" for the day. I luv my bed. But for some odd reason I woke up at an early time of 5 or 6 am and thought it was 8 and so I turned on the light, got clothes out and realized that I had 2 hrs to sleep and immediately crashed back into sleep - was I sleepwalking or really awake??)

Well, my legs are all sore from sitting here and so I am gonna go to bed now....

Tags: art, beauty, hope, joy, sleep, travel

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