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Katsucon was amazing ^_^

I enjoyed it much more than Otakon - I think because I had a lot more self-confidence in myself and have started cultivating the art of cosplay ^.^

So, about COSPLAY:

I *loved* my Rock Howard outfit!!!

I got a few comments on it: first, right after we dropped our bags in the hotel room and were headed down the elevator some guy yelled: "Fatal Fury rules" lol

Then, there was a guy upstairs who took my pic and recognized me. There were 2 or so other people who said that to me later in the day.

Then, there was this guy and his pals who musta been Fatal Fury/SNK fanatics cause they were sooo thrilled with finding me (they chased me down the escalator when their friends said they'd seen Rock^^) and they took my pic^^ They also asked about where I got my jacket and they were like: you even have the gloves and the zippers in the sleeves!!! XDXD I was sooo ecstatic!!! XDXD We were all just like: XD (lol^^) It was an amazing experience - I have hardly ever been so happy^^

Then, I got to see a lot of cool cosplayers. Of course my friends Sylvia and Laura were awesome^^ They went as Morrigan and Lillith from Darkstalkers and everybody was stopping them for photos!!! I am sure they will be all over the cosplay galleries^^

As far as the other cosplayers - they all had really well made costumes^^ In paticular, I got to see a Sumeragi shikifuku, a guy as Shinakuma, Dan, and a bunch of good FF series characters.

Thes best two, though (or at least the most amusing stories..^^):

Sylvia, Laura, n me saw the guy from Ichi the Killer(which is the most gorey type violent film ever! lol) and we just had to chase him down 3 flights and take his pic! ^^

Then, while we were waiting outside the cosplay room, I saw someone dressed up as a Tokyo babylon Subaru^^ XDXD yay! I had to go over and glomp Subaru-chan ^.^

I did get to meet some non-cosplayers, also.

While we were waiting to get into the csplay show, I got to chat some with a local who was attending Katsucon as his first anime con! We had a nice talk - until I heard Laura say that she saw another Rock cosplayer go by - at which point I leapt up and ran off! I felt bad later for leaving so abruptly but I HAD to find the other Rock! I never did but...the mystery shall haunt me....

Well, the cosplay show was full just a few people before us....we had waited in line for a long time and had been offered the gift of the all powerful water! Preventor of dehydration!! But, when we got to the door, it was full. Luckily, a few people left early, so Laura, Sylvia and the other guy we were talking to all got seats for the second half - but I still had to stay out and I eventually gave up my place for others who wanted in more than me. The guy at the door remarked that the others should be grateful to that "nice girl". Ah well - I ended up having more fun getting tips on how to make ink drawings of kawai-ness^.^ We didnt have much time to talk, but he was nice, gave me his card, and we shared a little hug^^ Thus is the way of lonely people on Valtine's Day at a con!!

Dealer's Room
We visited the Dealer's Room once and I picked up two D N Angel manga in Japanese for $11. I got volumes 3 and 9, as they have Hiwatari-kun^^ XD That place is so tempting...I was thinking of hunting for some non-hentai doujinshi...but I didnt wanna get started and dig up things not meant for young ladies' eyes^^ lol

the conclusion
That was the general gist of it all^^ It was so much fun and I wish I didnt have to leave! I must say, I am glad I have a good imagination, cause, it is both ecstatic to be surrounded by fellow fans who "speak a common mental language" but it is also very lonely on Valentine's Day when you are single (and believe me, other people felt the same way - I saw so many signs asking for dates that I thought maybe I needed one - lol!) ^__^ So that made it fun and very amusing ^.^ I can say that Subaru was my date ^.~ lol

So, thats it^_^ I hope Otakon this year is just as good^^
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