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Walk with God

I'm searching this out.
I'm seeking to walk with God.

I'm praying - or rather, learning to pray.
I'm listening - or rather, trying to recall what I've heard.

I'm studying God's good commands.
I'm rejoicing with sisters in Christ.

I'm finding a lot of anger inside. Sometimes my thoughts of prayer turn into mental rants. I didn't know such vocabulary was in my heart - but there it is!
Confess, for forgiveness and healing.

"The prohibition of idolatry" is more challenging than I realized.
This God to whom I cling - He is the One who created all things!!

I want to stand up and bless the Lord.
I need to come to my knees and allow the sins, as tears, to fall down and be wiped away.

I need to speak to the Lord - my Maker.
I need to speak of the Lord - Maker of heaven and earth.

But there I sit, looking around hesitantly, and all stare straight into their own gleaming screens.
And those who come to listen need more than I can give them.

To the Savior I must go.
To the Savior I must take them.

"Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
For He is our God..." Psalm 95:6-7
Tags: bible study, daily, emotions, god with us, holiness, maker of heaven and earth, noachide, observer, prayer, psalms, repentance, seeking, sin, student of creation

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