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This week

Sunday: attended church in the morning (an encouraging sermon from Psalm 98), enjoyed a luncheon at our house, emailed friends, attended the evening service, ate dinner with roommates, chatted with a roommate over a pot of tea about God's promise to Abraham and the historical setting of Exodus

Monday: worked, ran to the grocery store, ate dinner with a roommate, cooked Hawaiian chicken for Tuesday, listened to some talks on mikveh, modesty, etc

Tuesday: worked, finished dinner, had a full table for dinner (praise the Lord!), met a new sister in Christ (we're looking forward to embarking on a study of the gospel according to John!), attended a talk for women which covered the topics of work, decision making, and contentedness, cleaned the kitchen from dinner, stayed up late to prepare for a study in Job

Wednesday: worked, led a work Bible study discussion in Job 26 (which was hugely encouraging!), bought some Burt's Bees hand cream on a whim, met a potential new roommate, shared dinner with some roommates, chatted with my parents, read Exodus 1-3 with roommates over a pot of chai tea while roommates asked me hard questions about Shiphrah and Puah, chatted with my roommates until late (it rarely happens these days - what a blessing!)

Thursday: the plan is to work, eat tacos, study John together with a sister, and start phase two of the organization of my stuff

Friday: the plan is to work and then happily welcome shabbat :)
Tags: bible study, daily, exodus, food, friends, job, john, prayer, work

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