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Old Japanese music rocks :D

Wow I needed to wake up from my ever constant streaming trance music that has been playing for the past few months and I remembere now just how fun old Japanese music is ^_^ The Old Tokyo Babylon CD's...ahh yes...
It reminds me of the summer of 2002 living room at home with my headphones on...reading Tokyo babylon manga while the fan was running overhead...Which reminds me of my other summer music....
Summer breeze makes me feel fine - rollin' through the jasmine in my miiiiiind!

But right now it is the dead of winter. And I look forward to getting indoors and my weariness begs that I fall face first into my pillow and collapse into unconsciousness until 8 am gozen hachi ji

Wow I love manga. Laura, Reeves, and me are all gonna start translation work on manga because we are so bored in our language section. I have already gotten started. Today I was lugging around a bag with my manga, dictionaries, and notes from class. It was too much for the bag, however, and ripped a few gashes in it from the wieght O.o I'll have to get a new one^^ I feel like I have a purpose again - translation work! Maybe one day I can work for a manga-translation company!!!! Oh my word I would be sooooo happy! ^_______^ This is the life: running about with some project thats impossible to do but ever so engaging and deep and fun^^ And since it is manga I get to enjoy Hiwatari-kun and Subaru-kun too ^.^ Maybe I should listen to my TB CD's for inspiration, ne?
Tags: calling, language, manga, music, seasons

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