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Good to the end

My day was going strong until the end and now I just feel guilty and confused.

But as to the rest of my day - it was random! :D

-I found my moss agate cross charm from my bracelt that I had lost a few weekends back^^ It was lying upstairs by the video games...I didn't understand...but I was thankful^^ I took it to be a sign for something but I guess that was just wishful thinking^^

-I heard about a new manga series Suki Dakara Suki; and though the style isn't quite me, the plot intreagues me and I gotta know what happens to the girl!!! She does remind me of myself O.o

-Then, I saw some footage from Hagi of Yoshida Shoin's museums in the homework documentary that made me yell: SHOIN!!!!!!!! He is my hero of all time ^_^ He ranks up there with Subaru and Hiwatari^^

-Finally, there were the random thoughts:

...Isn't it odd how we must go through a little bit of suffering to be happy and appriciate life and treasure it - whereas those who are spoiled and never suffer always complain about life?...and just the fact that every moment is unique and new and unrepeatable - which just makes life all the more worthwhile and nostalgic ^.^

-Anyway, thats my post de jour. More stuff later but it is late, I am very far behind in my homework this week, and I am slightly depressed from my confusion (I hate not knowing if I have hurt people's makes me all upset inside...) So off I must go to bed and prepare for another long, unique, and hopefully good day tomorrow ^.^ Jya mata everyone!
Tags: appreciation, books, childlike, day, history, manga, moment, sacred, stones, time

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