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Life is a circle

I am sitting here trying to do my homework (and being distracted by manga translation^^), and it really has hit me how much life is just that endless daily cirlce.

I wake up feeling groggy and weak - ya know, the feeling: I wanna go back to sleep! ^_^ And towards the early hours of the morning that same feeling draws over me... And tomorrow will be a brand new unique day unlike any other..but it will also include the same classes, same schedule, same type of homework...So, in a way it is only a repetition.

I guess life really is like a circle - but we have to fill the space inside. We are given our life - it has borders and limits, but we can choose how to decorate it and make it a work of art.

Now, my question is: is living the ultimate form of life on its own or do we have to mold it to become an art?

Anyway, I have a new project now ^_^ I am an offical translator of mang! :D Well, at least for my out of class work. Hiraga sensei is helping me and Laura and Reeves to translate a manga this semester. I chose D N Angel because of Hiwatari-kun and beacuse it is a bit more realistic and less bloody than my other manga (not that I have anything against violence and bloodshed in manga but I didn't think it would be...appropriate for class....^^) So I feel all revived - even though I am now even more overworked than before! The enthusiasm really does act like a drug! I feel like I have purpose again ^.^ Off I go to translate!!

(And from what I can discern of the supplimentary story from D N Angel manga Vol. 3, Hiwatari has low blood pressure? Awwww - if that's true he's even more luvable!)
Tags: art, language, life, manga, meaning, questions

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