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The driving pursuit

Yesterday I picked up some classic French literature (in French) at the local used bookstore. This morning I started the day by asking myself, "why do I pursue things so intensely?"

The question is first raised.
Ancient Babylonian?
"You do it à l'outrance"
"Come on, find the edges-"
"My true vocation, my sole purpose in life"
I'll continue working 一生懸命
I work 一生懸命 (with all my might)

Yes, I know that neither interest nor personality disorder defines a person - identity is not found in those things; but I feel that it would give me a great deal of peace to better understand what drives this mental engine. I don't want to find myself traversing the world in an endless, aimless offensive campaign for knowledge. I'd much rather put that energy to use for my Captain, Jesus. But if I don't have a firm grasp on the talent, how can it be applied?
Tags: aspergers, interests, me, questions

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