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Let all keep silence; Let all praise the LORD

'Then [Job] replied to Adonai:
"I am too ashamed; I have nothing to say.
I lay my hand over my mouth.
Yes, I spoke once, but I won’t answer more;
all right, twice, but I won’t go on."' Job 40:3-5 (CJB)

'Then [at last,] [Job] gave Adonai this answer:
"I know that you can do everything,
that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.
"[You asked,] 'Who is this, hiding counsel,
without having knowledge?'
Yes, I spoke, without understanding,
of wonders far beyond me, which I didn't know.
"Please listen, and I will speak.
[You said,] 'I will ask questions; and you, give me answers' —
I had heard about you with my ears,
but now my eye sees you;
therefore I detest [myself]
and repent in dust and ashes."' Job 42:1-6 (CJB)

These passages were on my mind at some point while I was drifting between sleep last night. This observation came to my mind: After the LORD speaks, Job's first response is to close his mouth. After the LORD speaks a second time, Job's response is to speak to God.

God did not leave Job in a place where Job was to remain silent and fearful forever. No, God continued to lead Job out of his suffering to a place where Job would have communion with God in righteousness.

That's encouraging for me! I trust in the LORD when he says that "whoever believes on [Jesus] will not be put to shame" (Romans 9:33). David affirmed, "I have also trusted in the LORD; I shall not slip" (Psalm 26:1). Therefore, I will trust the LORD that He is bringing me from a place of fear and confusion to a place of communion with Himself - just as He did for Habakkuk and Job. Bless the Lord, oh my soul!
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