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The universe in an instant

I'm enjoying a quiet evening of writing tonight, with a tall decaf latte and wasabi peas at hand :)

I'm realizing that one challenge I have in writing is the compulsion to be thorough and accurate. When handling information, I feel that I must rightly understand the entire data set in order to put every piece in its proper place. This is very useful when handling small data sets like two-page lists or a single scene in a story. I'm in my element there. I run into problems when the scale is broadened, however. All of a sudden, I can't even grasp the "universe of knowledge" associated with the topic/project. Trying to handle information where there are so many unknowns is unpleasant for me. And since I can't fully grasp the whole scope of the information, I don't know where to set limits.

So, take this story, for example. One time around, I quit writing because I didn't feel that I had a good enough knowledge of botany. Another time, I quit because I was trying to cover three whole years at a moment-by-moment level. Hmm, this is a curious tangle. I want to develop my characters and express their story over time and distance, but I need to find a way to suspend my need for utter completeness and order while in the process of crafting. A carpenter's shop is going to be filled with lots of sawdust, after all!
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