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I am ready to go home

My finals are complete. My packing is almost finished.. I am all set to go home, but I am not ready for bed ^^ I hope someone comes on AIM to keep me company...I could draw, but I really just wanna see LOTR again and again ^^ I always do that when a good movie rolls around.
Hmm I am bored.
What should I do. Too lazy to do readings or think about the future..too selfish to work on the webcomic..and alone without a TV to watch X on!!!! I weep. My roomate took with her nearly everything from my room but the microfridge (aka dorm room sink since that is the closest thing here). No tv, no radio, no stereo, no PHONE! It is all her stuff but geez, I need to be able to get ahold of my parents when they arrive here to pick me up!! Blast..
So, here I am...wandering the internet...listening to music, watching Hellsing again and again, as that is the only anime stored on this computer right now...I have no depressing crud to explain, no thoughts on life, and no drive to be productive at all.
Maybe I will do something...I have to think first. *sinks into thoughtful coma and dreams not of stuff to be doing, but memories of The Two Towers* ahhhh
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