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Unwind, Process, Recover

It's not easy for me to unwind. I just keep going going going, buzzing, spinning like a top, working without looking up. No wonder Robert told me that he felt the song Neon describes me: "She's always buzzing / just like neon." My system is constantly on the alert and finds it hard to slow down, process, and recover. But I'm human and need to rest, too.

If I have the luxury of time, my "slow down" activities include:
  • blogging about my experiences and feelings (helps me to process things)

  • listening to techno music (it's tuned to my tempo, helps to get my mind off "to do's" for a while, and gives me a chance to daydream beautiful things)

  • playing tetris (game B, level 9-5! very fun for a visual-learner)

  • tidying up my desk and bookshelves (ahhh, that always makes me feel better)

  • jumping around a bit (I need to get a skip-it or the Korean version of DDR)
Perhaps my new year's resolution will be to schedule more time for these types of activities - yay ^_^
Tags: health

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