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Art Project

I took a drawing class during my sophomore year at college. One day, we took a field trip to a local farm. We were given polaroid cameras and set loose to take pictures. The photos would then serve as the basis for our final drawing project.

Many people hurried off to the barn to snap pictures of the cows and architecture. I considered it, but the idea didn't hold me. Instead, I marched off toward the nearby creek on my own. I was glad - relieved to be alone where no one could disturb the delicate beauty of the moment. It felt refreshing to be in my own space on my own path. I was curious to see what I would find ahead.

Along the way, the ground grew more and more swampy. I couldn't find any more dry land to set my foot on. I considered going back, but I had already walked quite a distance. I continued on and was very pleased when I saw the view at the creekside. This was the right spot. I basked in the scenery for a while, then took a few pictures, one of which I used for my final art project:


The drawing turned out to be very difficult for me because the wet leaves did not have clear edges. I love the concept of "line" in art, but the lines in this photo were not well-defined. I stared and stared at the photo, straining my eyes to distinguish the forms of the individual plants at the water's edge. My professor advised me to draw in a less precise manner, as the image was imprecise. That sounded easy, but it proved to be a struggle for me. I left the classroom day after day with black hands from drawing and smearing, erasing and drawing, smearing and rubbing. I must have looked like a coal miner! And for me, I did feel like I was trying to dig up a treasure.

That was ten years ago. Looking back, I see something new in the picture. I see myself. I see my Asperger's Syndrome.
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