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Pain and anger

I couldn't sleep last night. Maybe it's because I drank too much tea earlier. Or maybe it's because my schedule has shifted a bit. Whatever the case, I was up two or three hours just laying there. Surprisingly, the time passed quickly. I was imagining a series of scenes, watching them unfold in my mind. I was curious to see where they would lead.

In the scenes, someone had caused the POV character a great deal of pain. Logically, she should have been upset about it. But she wasn't angry at him. Her anger was directed elsewhere. It took the form of distrustful fear and anger. These, she repressed in quiet diligence. And in this manner she carried on. When tested, she hesitantly did as was requested; but in the same breath, she rushed back to bind up that which was broken. Her loyalty, after all, had always been to her captain.
Tags: anger, daydreams, death, dev, emotions, grounding, hill difficulty, hyper-experience, love, loyalty, moon-uranus, pain, self-betrayal, stories, submission, trust

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