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Happy Birthday 2013 - in Star Wars style

This is imperial librarian Megan, here to report on my recent birthday festivities.

Supplies arrived earlier than expected from the PA Region, Susquehanna Sector. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) It took some time to process them, but sufficient storage space was eventually found. Supplies included: a tablecloth, plates, napkins, figurines, starships, food, cards, and pictures.Work commenced immediately on the birthday banner. Braille paper was used as the base for the letters. Black and white copies from a character encyclopedia were colored, cut, and taped onto the letter sheets. Roommates appeared surprised and amused by the initiative.
Party favors were also prepared in advance. Lightsaber bookmarks!This design idea came from an artist on etsy.
January 26: party day. I am ready to prepare lunch!The dining room and living room were decorated appropriately.
Lunch included: veggie sandwiches, cheese and crackers, pretzels, white-chocolate-covered popcorn, and tootsie rolls.Lunch was served in the dining room, but was soon relocated to the living room. Two friends attended lunch.
Rebels!!! How did they get in here? "I wasn't notified!!!"Princess, I will hold you here in block AA23 until we start the movie.
We watched A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back that afternoon. At 5:30, we paused for dinner. Five more friends joined us at the restaurant, the Old Siam, near Eastern Market.
A friend treated me to dinner - Himmapaan. It was delicious!! I also had a thai iced tea and enjoyed them all in the company of many sweet friends :)We had an unexpected visitor at dinner... Darth Tater!? *anxiously stands at attention* (Thanks Suzanne and Marcus :P I love it, lol!)
After dinner, we returned to the house to eat cake and ice cream and watch Return of the Jedi.
Suzanne made a wonderful funfetti cake for me. She had to run 40 minutes away to procure it on the day of the party because none of the local stores had any in stock. Thank you for your continued dedication and service, Suz!!It felt so sweet and surreal when everyone sang Happy Birthday to me :) I believe this is the first birthday party I've held with friends from CHBC in the District Region.
Wow, I've never had so many candles blazing on one cake before...I made my wish and blew out all the candles with one breath!
I was very happy to celebrate with my friends (and fellow SW fans)! :)My Bible study leader joked that she would come as Leia...and she did! :)
Toward the end of the evening, we captured a Rebel prisoner. "He was armed only with this."
Hmmm, I've never seen anything like this before. *zap buzzz...**...hummm clash!* What a magnificent weapon!
My roommate challenged me to a duel!!! "Most impressive..."But the cake cutter is no match for the power of the force!
Sun, Jan 27: After church, I spent the afternoon with my friend Jody. I'm so glad that God led us to meet and become friends recently!She brought me a cake and many nice gifts. It was so kind - thank you so much :)
Previous Fri, Jan 25: A coworker surprised me with a cupcake! She also scattered confetti around my desk. I saved it for use at the party the next day ;)Thanks to all who sent me cards and a big thank you to my coworker for giving me a balloon signed by all the office staff - wow, what a special gift!^^
Previous Fri, Jan 25: My coworker, Pamela, and I ate thai food to celebrate :D She is a faithful friend. I'm so thankful for her!Talay Thai gave us a free dessert to celebrate the occasion - how lovely! :)
The dessert was quite was the thai iced tea!
Monday, Jan 28: One of my roommates, who was unable to attend the party, bought me a cupcake from the Sweet Lobby. It was also delicious!I was so pleased with the festivities that I had to clap my hands in joy!! This birthday celebration was a success!

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special this year :) That includes the nice Customer Service Rep from who helped me through some order issues and saw that I received an appropriately sized, quality imperial officer hat in time for the event. I had such a great birthday. I can't wait to do it again next year... Who's in? ^_^
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