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Breath in....and out

I have hardly given myself a chance to breathe these past few days - is it ALREADY Wednesday?! Geez.
But it's all cause I have been spending a portion time being creative and filling my head with anime ^_^ Spending a portion of my time - a portion that doesn't really exist (o.O) I should be spending more time on homework - but by 2 am I am lazy ~_~

I don't have any drawings or fanfiction tonight...I didn't really have time for any today (what with watching Hiwatari-kun at his play recital and standing against his "dad's" authority^^ What is with Hiwatari-toosan?? He's so mean! >.< And we thought Satoshi was mean? lol)

As for my D N Angel rave:
-Hiwatari makes an awesome hero for the play - especially when the heroine is Dai-chan!!!!!!!!! XDXDXD I could have died!!!!! That was hilarious!!!!! I am gonna have to see that again (yaoifangirlmoment)!!! *Daisuke's female classmates all squeee in unison* I want more Dai+Sa moments^^
-I would love to see Satoshi go up to his dad for once and smack him!!! lol! I know you can do it Satoshi-sama!!! ^.^ Or send Krad to do it :p
-And when will there be more Krad?? I like his costumes ^.^ And I like to see the interaction between him and his tamer (or can I say - host?)^^
-Riku and Dai-chan make such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!! XDXD The romantic-ness makes me all guushy inside *^_^*
-And what's the deal with Satoshi's winged chair? I wanna know! And if it is nothing I will draw my own doujinshi episode about it! SATOSHI DOUJINSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
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