Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Sei-chan no Birthday/Setsuka no Origin

Today is Seishirou's Birthday as well as the birth of a beautiful Setsuka image!!!! Yea!! Thanks to Audrey-sama for making my day! ^_^ I am really the happiest Little-Sakurazukamori-Child in the world right now!!
I survived a long day of classes and work...*big sigh of relief* I want to stay online all night and ignore the piles of homework I have..but..Megan is always too guilt-driven, and will probably start working on some reports sometime very shortly...
I was told today by my professor that I can go either the path of science or of liberal arts. One or the other. The ships are heading out of port in different directions, and I have decided which I am sailing with...Japanese Studies Major it is!! I don't feel any more regret about turing away from the whole idea of working in a hospital. I actually feel pretty relieved to have made a decision at all! I have a lot of problems making decisions even when it comes down to which ice cream flavor I want: ljesnjak(nut) ili yagoda(strawberry)!! yumm...
Tags: guilt, manga, questions, schoolwork

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