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Pleasant Saturday

Ok, I'm feeling better today.

It's been a good day! I looked through my Text-to-Talk notes, then met with my Bible study leader at 11 to prepare for our inductive Bible study overview this coming week. We'll take an hour to review the steps of Observation (What does this passage say?), Interpretation (What did this passage say to its original audience?), and Application (What does this passage say to me today?). We had a great discussion about Bible study and 1 John. We also ran into two friends whom I haven't seen in a while, which was great! After the meeting, I ran to CVS for some folders and sharpies, then to a thai restaurant for lunch. I got my Himmapaan and a thai iced tea. While I waited, I stuffed the folders with our 1 John inductive Bible study notes. It was lovely :)

When I got home, I cleaned out our refrigerator, got rid of a bunch of old cardboard, took out four bags of garbage, and organized the tea shelf. I felt much better after that.

Now I'm thinking of playing some more Star Wars lego before diving back into prep work for our Bible study or a word study of "paqad" ("visit"). I just bought a jawa lego and he says, "Utini!!!"
Tags: bible study, chores, food, friends, games, housing, weekend

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