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Manga and fun things - homework and blahhh things

Wheee my life is a multi-task^^

On the one hand
I have all my school responsibilities...we all are familiar with those.

On the other hand
I have an obligation to living O_O lol Since I am determined to enjoy and appriciate life as much as possible, I have to take time out of homework to be with my friends and go to the diner for cheesecake and other such fun things ^^

One of those fun things
I am borrrowing Suki Dakara Suki from Jess (waaaaiii arigatoo for lending it to me XD) and even though I didn't like the style at first, it is reaaalllly growing on me^^ So I told my daddy to order them in Japanese from for me for easter ^.^ I am allllll happy XDXD PLUS THE BIG ANIME NEWS: I get to finish D N Angel this weekend!!!!!!!! I can't wait XDXD Along with that, there is always manga translation to be done^^

So I am trying to juggle everything and so far I am alive - though earlier in the week I was suffering sleep deprivation and even a single plain hotdog was literally as loved as Thanksgiving Dinner (now I am hungry again). I just wish there were more hours in the day cause I like sleep and I like manga and I need to do homework and spend time online and with my Japan House friends^^ Life is a battlefeild and so are the innerds of my mind O.o

So, I am trying to fight and multitask and relatively enjoying it ^___^

Except as of late I have been plunged into blackness since my light is in the process of I have trouble sitting at my comp for a long time cause my eyes start hurting O.o

And I still spend my nights listening to long techno remixes till I fall asleep!!! Trancequility 23, 25, and Tranceport have been the latest ones^^

Time for hw now then manga then sleep then cramming for a quiz and then going to work and classes -and in that order-

Tags: anime, books, friends, housing, manga, music

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