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Multiple facets

Are all of these related?

I feel overwhelmed by a disorganized room.
I quickly become overwhelmed and ill if I'm in a crowded, noisy room. I'd much prefer to step outside into the cool, quiet air.
I amass things to comfort me, but then feel stressed.
I can quickly discern bugs on the wall from nail holes, bumps, and stains.
When I write a chore on my to do list for the evening, I feel like that is my evening.
I feel hesitant to reach out and interact with the world.
I hesitate to pick up the rock on my desk, feeling as though I'm already over "full".
Once I take the rock and toss it around a while, I actually feel relieved - as though I have just a little more capacity than I did a minute ago.
I feel like my most common mood statuses here are "happy," "okay," and "tired."
When I was little, I loved picking grass, one blade at a time. I also loved picking the yarn out of the latch-hook style blanket, one strand at a time.

Fast-paced multi-tasking is extremely stressful for me.
I love tetris.
I procrastinate on large projects, but hastily attack small ones to reduce the 'to do' list.
I enjoy following step-by-step instructions.
I love watching the "wave line" that electrical wires make when watched from the window of a moving car.
I love line in art. That's why manga is so beautiful.
When I was little, I used to follow the groove on my headboard with my finger...over and over again.
When I was little, instead of napping, I used to look at the poster of a music clef and follow the curving line of the symbol with my eyes.
I like drawing and writing.

I love travel, motion, and the sound of rain and running water.
I love swimming, swinging, spinning, and jumping.
I enjoy memorizing short books of the Bible.
When I was little, I loved my sandbox.

It helps to take a step back to record what I've done and why.
I spend a lot of time looking around my room. When I handle the things therein, it's usually to reorganize or put away things.
I feel very responsible for managing my group house.
I feel extremely stressed when work expectations or instructions are unclear.
I like using my own special tea, teapot, and tumblers.
I am very sad when I lose things.
I take very good care of my things.
I love watching the same movies over and over.
I love biological classification. It was my favorite class in 6th grade.
I am an information professional, specializing in information "structure."
When I was little, I read and re-read name dictionaries.
I like codes and foreign scripts.
My contribution to the middle school mural was not a portion of the main wall, but a small, separate frame beneath it.

I love solid-built tables with spacious, clear surfaces - like the library table at church.
I love the open sky.
I love sturdy, big chairs that I can curl up in or couches where I can put my feet up on the back.
I like corners and walls.
When I was little, I used to empty the smallest cabinet in the kitchen and crawl into it.
In 6th grade, I loved coloring anatomical pictures of animals. In college, I loved dissecting organisms.
I love cell biology.
I like designing characters, enjoyed historical first-person presentations in school, and did cosplay in college.

My room at home is plum purple. I love it :)
There is a room on Capitol Hill painted rich red. I look for it every time I pass by the house.
I love the colors of the clouds and recorded these as drawings for months when I was little.
I love vintage travel posters.
I love the artwork of Alphonse Mucha.
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