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King Jesus

Last year, I did a quick study of the word "Christ" (Greek) or "Messiah" (Hebrew) in the Bible. This word means "anointed" and refers to the Anointed One who would become the eternal King of Israel. This evening, I took a deeper look at these words in the gospels. It's amazing to see that Jesus truly is the King of Israel prophesied in 2 Samuel 7 and Psalm 2!

Here's what I found in my study:

"Jesus Christ" (His name and title) is used in the introductions of Matthew, Mark, and John's accounts (Mt 1:1, 1:18, Mk 1:1, Jn 1:17). Jesus refers to himself as "Jesus Christ" in John 17:3.

The words "King," "Christ," or "Messiah" appear in the following places in the gospels:

-Jesus' family tree (Mt 1:1, 1:6, 1:16-17)
-John the Baptist is not the Christ (Lk 3:15, Jn 1:20, 1:25, 3:28)
-The one born King of the Jews (Mt 1:18, 2:2-4, Lk 2:11, 2:26)
-The people want to make Jesus king by force (Jn 6:15)
-Testimony that Jesus is the Christ (Mt 11:2, Jn 1:41, 1:49, 4:29, 4:42, 11:27; Lk 4:41; Mt 16:16, Mk 8:29, Lk 9:20, Jn 6:69; Jn 9:22)
-The people wonder if Jesus is the Christ (Jn 7:26-27, 7:31, 7:41-42, 12:34)
-Hosanna to the King (Mt 21:9, Mk 11:10, Lk 19:38, Jn 12:13; Mt 21:5, Jn 12:15)
-Jesus asks them: Whose son is the Christ? (Mt 22:42, Mk 12:35, Lk 20:41)
-Warning about false Christs (Mt 24:5, 24:23, Mk 13:21)
-Jesus speaks of the Christ in various contexts (Mt 23:8-10, Mk 9:41)
-Jesus calls himself "Christ" in prayer (Jn 17:3)
-Jews ask: Are you the Christ? (Mt 26:63, Mk 14:61, Lk 22:67, Jn 10:24)
-Gentiles ask: Are you the King of the Jews? (Mt 27:11, Mk 15:2, Lk 23:3, Jn 18:33)
-The nations rage (Mt 27:17-22, Mk 15:9-12, Lk 23:2, Jn 18:37-39, Jn 19:12-15, 19:21)
-Jews mock: Prophesy to us, Christ! (Mt 26:68)
-Gentiles mock: Hail, King of the Jews! (Mt 27:29, Mk 15:18, Jn 19:3)
-People mock: If you are the King of the Jews, save yourself! (Mt 27:42, Mk 15:32, Lk 23:35-39)
-The declaration on Jesus' cross: This is Jesus the King of the Jews (Mt 27:37, Mk 15:26, Lk 23:38, Jn 19:19)
-It was necessary for the Christ to suffer (Lk 24:26, 24:46)
-That you may know (Jn 20:31)
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