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I don't like midterms..I like drawing stuff^^

What do you get when you put Megan in her dorm room on a Sunday with a lot of homework ahead...?

-stays in her pajamas all day
-makes excuses for how she has more time to do non-hw things
-snacks on munchable things

-daydreams - way to much!!

It's Hikari Satoshi!
(Don't ask me why I dressed him up like Krad - I like that outfit^^)

Addition: 6:49pm: Whooo just took an online quiz and I am gonna be stalked by GTO!! O.o Well, he *was* kinda cute in the live action ^_~

Your Anime Stalker by taka
LiveJournal username
Favorite color
Weather outside now
Anime StalkerOnizuka Eikichi
How many days?127
Status of stalkeryou feel anyone touching you? yeah...
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

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