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On exercise, posture, stimming, etc

Some random thoughts on my mind this evening:

My doctor wants me to get a healthy dose of aerobic exercise each week; but I'm not sure how to do that, since I'm usually too tired when I get home from work. Once I move out of the city, I'll have more room to jump rope, skip-it, or get a mini trampoline for my room. I wonder if that, combined with walking, would be good enough?

Exercise ball
My coworker was kind enough to let me borrow her exercise ball at work the other day when I was really stressed out. It was nice to sit and rock on it. I can't wait to get my own :D

I need to work on my posture. I keep catching myself slouching at my desk. I don't notice until I hear footsteps approaching and then I quickly straighten up. I'm curious to see if I can get away with trying the stability ball at my cubical once in a while. I hear that some people use them to improve their posture. I'm not sure if the manager will approve, but I guess it can't hurt to look into it.

Tired and stressed?
This week has been quite busy at work. There have been many different projects going on and I've felt uncertain about who should be taking the reins on some of them. Thankfully, the projects are beginning to settle into place and I think I've sorted out my responsibilities. This afternoon was slower, but I still found myself feeling stressed. I think I was still processing all that's been going on. When I got home, I jumped up and down in the basement for a few minutes to unwind. Then I watched some videos about "stimming" on Youtube. It was interesting to see different kinds of stimming behaviors. For some reason, this video made me smile. Mmm, so happy :)
Tags: anxiety, aspergers, health, work

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