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Two weeks ago, a local phlebotomist took two tubes of my blood and delivered them to the lab for analysis. Once they arrived, I'm sure the blood cells had fun spinning in the centrifuge! Wheeee, Red Blood Cell loves spinning! Platelet is dizzy, though @_@

Here are the results from my 2011-2013 tests:

Red Blood Cells: I wonder why the MCHC index dropped while my other counts are on the rise?

White Blood Cells: I was ill on Nov 16, 2011. I must have been fighting a virus or something - the percentage of lymphocytes rose quite sharply compared to the previous month. I wasn't feeling the best two weeks ago, either. Go, White Blood Cells! Get those germs...

Platelets: The lab counted 338,000 platelets per cmm. These little guys appear to be doing their job :)

I've been reliving my love for hematology this week. It's bitter sweet. I've been considering going back to school for laboratory technology for quite some time now. Two years ago, I contacted a lab technologist to ask questions. Last December, I had the opportunity to job shadow in a hospital lab. Originally, I was only supposed to be given an hour, but I ended up staying the whole afternoon! I loved my time there. The only problem is that a degree in lab tech would require a specialized BS - another five years of study...yikes! Why did I ever change my major? :( It's easy to sink into self-disgust over that and despair about my current work, but I trust that God will use these past choices for good...somehow. In the meantime, I'm reading a textbook about hematology and looking into the possibility of enrolling in a phlebotomy program. That would only take a semester or two, apparently.

In the end, no matter what I do, my blood will only carry me on for so many years. But praise be to Jesus, who gave His precious blood so that His people would have eternal life! I wonder if the Lord will let me examine His blood under a microscope one day in His kingdom? :) Will we need White Blood Cells in paradise? Ah, there are so many things to look forward to! In the meantime...I will hug a little Red Blood Cell and unwind with some techno music ^_^
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