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A sweet song

4:05 pm.

I sat in my chair, spent. I hadn't had sufficient time to recharge from my social time this weekend, so I had launched into the week at half strength. When I booted my workstation, it greeted me with an operating system error. What?! At lunch I found bugs in my soup, but only after I had nearly finished it. Yuuuck! For the duration of the afternoon, I wrestled with a fragile but large report. Uggghhh! By the end of the day, I didn't want to talk to anyone. I didn't want to eat anything. I didn't want to do anything. I just wanted to escape somewhere and decompress. Recharge. Rest. But where...?

I slipped out of the office just after 5 and hopped on the train. I felt terribly edgy, but also eager and excited.

The movie theater was nearly empty when I arrived. "One ticket for Star Trek, please!" :) I had an hour until it started, so I went downstairs and found some chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I savored it to the sound of techno music while the rain drizzled outside. Ah, it was nice. Adventures like these are one of the few times I feel happy to be in this city. I fingered my ticket with a smile and thanked God for the moment.

Then, I headed upstairs to the movie theater. I'd been looking forward to this for so long (well, only three weeks)! I ordered a small soda at the counter and the employee handed me a giant cup. I checked the price to make sure that I had ordered the smallest size and looked at it in surprise. "That's huge!" I told her. She told me that I was supposed to enjoy it through the duration of the movie - and I did :)

I was the first one in the theater and the last one out. When I stepped inside, it was dark and quiet. Ahhh, perfect! Just as I got comfortable, they started playing a bunch of loud and bright commercials on the screen...ack. I put in some earplugs and counted down the time on my watch. People filtered in as the minutes ticked by. A couple next to me dropped their popcorn. It was almost time...

Cradling my soda in hand, I beamed as the opening song rumbled around me. Praise the Lord! I was here :) Just me and my soda blasting off into space with the USS Enterprise.

It was an absolute delight. I was struck by the strong friendships between the various characters, even more so than the first time I saw the movie. I laughed as Kirk and McCoy ran through red alien woodlands, gasped as the Enterprise went into warp, bit my lip as explosions rocked the city, giggled as Spock apologized for not informing the Captain of his report, grinned as Sulu threatened the enemy, held my breath as Khan spoke, cheered when little Chekov came to the rescue, watched in sorrowful wonder as friends said goodbye, hurt when punches were thrown, and smiled as the crew prepared for their next adventure.

It was fun. I left feeling refreshed and so happy. I'm thankful that the Lord gave me the opportunity and guarded me on the journey there and back again. I wanted to skip home! Every step I took was a beat in my song as I passed under the violet sky and hazy half moon. I arrived home to find two women talking about Jesus. Praise the Lord! He restores and He rescues. He seeks and He finds. He comforts and He strengthens.

I don't want the evening to end. I don't want to return to that report tomorrow or to find bugs in my soup again. But we'll work it out. He is with me. We'll take it one step at a time.

Oh sweet song, may you never end
Singing to Him with a great amen

10:33 pm.
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