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General Updates for August 2013

This morning was nice and cool. I enjoyed the walk to work and even saw some sparrows munching on grass seed :) I picked up some iced tea and yogurt to start the day. I have so many different types of tasks and issues in queue that I can't keep it all in my mind. Even when I map it out on the white board, I can't grasp it all! Thankfully, it's a quieter week and I have been able to take projects one at a time. The difficulty comes when I have to decide what to do next. There's so much to choose from and yet so much I have to wait on.

In house news, I am not moving. I'm relieved. Two other housemates are moving, though, so we will have new roommates coming on board soon. There's a lot in transition at the moment.

In Bible study news, Monday evening study is on break for the summer. It's nice to have one more weeknight to relax and recover from the busy days. Wednesday lunch-time Bible study at work is still a go, though, which is great! We're studying the gospels and are already up to the night of the Passover. In my personal study, I've been reading through Proverbs. It's been enlightening to see what advice is given through this book.

In fun news, my friend Nathan gave me a copy of the game Minecraft. Thank you :) I started off slowly, but now that I've disabled monsters, I've been able to make progress! Last night I built a nice stairway to the top of a snowy mountain and set up shop there. It has a pretty view and there are lots of animals in the vicinity below. I've started crafting and made some tools. I'm curious to see what I can make with my cactus! It's a fun game, especially since I love to line up things and clear off surfaces. In high school, I enjoyed arranging the blocks in Tetris and now I can arrange blocks in 3-D space in order to explore and design things. I'm excited! I just need to watch how much time I spend, because last night I played the whole night and was shocked when I saw the clock said 10:30 pm. What?! It only felt like half an hour, really... :P

I also have some travel plans to PA and OH coming up later this month, which I'm really looking forward to. I can't wait :)
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