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I want my SDS manga...

Well, tonight I do not have anything specific to start with.

I keep swapping around my icons and making more..I want to post them all on my website sometime but right now I am too tired to code them in...but I love icons - even if mine are only mediocre ones ^-^

I can't wait for Suki Dakara Suki to arrive here!! >.< Can't wait! I gave in and found the translations for books 2 and 3 ^^ And I am so excited to read them!!! I am just thrilled ^_^ Hina-chan is so genki and kawaii and I want her to have a happy ending - even if she is uber naive! I think CLAMP has a thing for relationships between older mysterious guys and innocently kind schoolchildren - lol! Suki reminds me of a happy Tokyo Babylon minus the yaoi-aspect. (And I love TB so....^^)

Also, I am all about the stuffed animals - in that respect me and Hina-chan are so alike!! :D Plushies!! Waaii! Daisuki! And I guess we both are overenthusiastic about some things^^

Hinata-chan: Asou-sensei! :3
Megan-chan: Hiwatari-kun! XD

I guess when we are obsessed over our "suki na hito" we get way too genki! :3 Waaaiii! I wanna chase around a mysterious guy and be genki all day! XD Thats the life!

I can't wait for my manga.... suki!^^

...ok I better finish my studying...
...or I could make more icons...

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