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Quiet evening

It's a quiet Saturday evening. I'm resting in my room with the microbes and listening to the rain fall. I was feeling rather weak today, so I stayed in and took it easy. I did some cleaning, watched two episodes of Star Trek, ate leftovers, sipped hot tea, checked in with my family, reviewed a chronology of the events on the day of Jesus' resurrection, and read more of my new book. I learned about a new plant - moss rose - and the cataloging section reminded me of the joy I had reading scientific names in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in 6th grade. Here are some fun quotes from today's reading of Star Trek: The Original Series: Unspoken Truth by Margaret Wander Bonanno, copyright 2010.

"Why compliment one on something over which one had no control?" p.82

"'I just wanted to invite you to join us. You spend all your free time alone and-' '-and I am content to do so.'" p.95

"To be clean, fed, and sheltered, to have duties to perform and know exactly what the day would bring was all she asked." p.114

"The cataloging occupied only a portion of her mind, but she persisted. Abronia villosa, also called verbena, both attractive and fragrant, fabaceae, subspecies sophora flavescens, echinops gmelinii or thistle, edible and medicinal, artemisia scoparia or wormwood, thymus gobicus, purple-flowered mint, fragrant, sweet tasting, excellent for tea..." p.117
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