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A Birthday in Flyers Style

I traveled to PA to celebrate my brother's birthday last weekend. We had so much fun!!

Happy birthday, Matt :DI think he likes his new toothbrush! He also got Transformers to watch, a new book, and a hockey magazine.
Fred the Stingray was sitting by the diploma on the bookshelf.Mom loves the blue Gigantic Microbe :) Hug-a-germ!
Matt, Shelby, and I were ready to cheer for the Flyers!So were Mom and Dad :) It's so good to be together!
Here I am outside the Wachovia Center......and inside! :D Woooo, go Flyers!
Here are Mom and Dad getting ready......and enjoying the game ^_^
The game went into a shootout!All too soon, I had to bid farewell to Philadelphia...until next time!
Tags: family, hihi, hockey, pictures, travel

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