Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Happy birthday, Grandma! :)

I took a trip to PA to celebrate my Grandmother's birthday on July 4th! Mom and I went a day early and had a fun sleep-over in the attic with my Aunt ^_^ Dad, Matt, and Shelby joined us the next day for the festivities.

Me, Mom, Gram, and Aunt Pam standing under the grape vines in Grandma's garden. That's three generations of Southern PA ladies :D The only one missing is my Cousin Amanda.And this is a family portrait of Mom, Dad, Danny, Grandma, me, Matt, and Shelby standing in front of Danny's first car :)
Now it's time for gifts! Grandma liked the photograph that Matt and Shelby got her :)We also took a break to look at the fish pond. It's so pretty.
Danny drove us to the restaurant. I loved the drive!Mom and Dad enjoyed riding in the back :)
Hickory Bridge! We started with warm bread, spiced peaches, salad, iced tea...then onto the main course: chicken, crab, carrots, broccoli with cheese, baked apples, and corn fritters. Delicious!
Happy birthday, Grandma! I hope you enjoyed the celebration as much as we did :)
Tags: family, food, pictures, travel

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