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Next Bible Study

Last night I caught up with my roommates over frozen yogurt at 32 Below. While the restaurant was incredibly loud and thus uncomfortable/painful/stress-provoking, I was thankful for the chance to see and talk with my sweet sisters. They wanted to know how things were going, how my recent travels had been, and how I was feeling. They also asked what I was reading in the Bible.

"Well, I just finished Hebrews," I reported. "We also just finished studying the gospel of Mark in work Bible study and we're working through 1 Peter in small group on Mondays." I paused, my mind spinning like a top for a second while I tried to remember where I was. Had I covered everything? Is that where I was at? I finished reading Hebrews a while back - why hadn't I started a new Bible study yet? I was just thinking about that earlier this week and was feeling guilty for neglecting time with my loving King :'( It's been hard to adjust back to DC and catch up with work-chores-daily life schedules while fending off germs. But isn't that just an excuse? One makes time for what's important, after all. Yikes, I really need to make time for God again. I've missed those quiet, restful times of fellowship with my Savior. But, what to read? Hmm... There are so many books to choose from... "I'm not sure what to start studying next," I said.

I had emailed two former roommates to ask them for Bible study recommendations earlier in the week and one wrote back with a few good suggestions that day. One thing she mentioned was that she had conducted a word study of "patience" and "faith." That reminded me of the fruit of the Spirit. I think for my next Bible study, I'll take a look at the fruit of God's Spirit to see 1.) What are they? 2.) How does Christ exemplify each one? 3.) How has the Lord grown these fruit in my life? 4.) Where do I have the most growing to do?

So, questions for you Christians out there :)

  • Have you studied this before? If so, do you have study notes? I'm not sure where to start - there's so much goodness to explore! Dad, I did find your sermons - hooray! I will have to listen to them again :D Was this the last time that New Hope studied the fruit of the Spirit? Has it been a topic of Bible study/prayer service, too? I can't remember...
  • How do you see God's grace at work in me and where does God have the greatest opportunity to grow me?
  • Dad, do you have any specific recommendations after reading the Psalms in Hebrew & the Jewish prayerbook?

Mmmm, this earl grey tea latte hits the spot! Yum ^_^
ki l'olam hasdo! (text, audio)
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