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Waii Suki!! :3

Waaaaaiii! *^____^*

I got my Suki bookset in the mail today!! It is one of my new favorite series ^___^ lol! The drawings are a bit different, as Nekoi-chan did them, but the story is so *kawai* I love it XDXD

Ureshii :3
Asou-sensei wa sugoii! ^.^ sorekara Hinata-chan wa ..totemo kawaii 'nda ne!! The more I read about her the more I feel all genki and Hina-chan like ^^ Watashitachi wa chotto onazi dakara - except that she has Asou-sensei and I don't! lol

Wheee I am happy.
I just wanna sit here and smile and look at my manga now :3 Waiii *huggles manga*

Must make an Asou-sensei-Hina-chan icon!!! ^.^ Must actually "read" the mangas (aka translate^^)!! :D

--Can you tell that I am in a good mood? *^.^*
Tags: books, manga

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