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Randomness till the Xmas overview (soon to come)

I am here! I am here!!
...They're here... [kyaa my Frodo *heart-eyed*]

I am anxiously awaiting news on my Frodo plushie order...meanwhile playing the Playstation 2 and X-Box (Halo, mainly, some failed attempts at Two Towers - yeah, I beat the first three or so levels with Isildor, Aragorn, and Legolas but from there it went downhill fast!! - and the Fellowship Game...that stupid Barrowright freaked me out, man!) Matt bought the air-conditioned controller for his X-Box, and the thing is pretty nice ^_~. I am drawing lots of Frodo pictures, too, and begging everyone to go see The Two Towers again in no avail.

I will review my entire X-Mas story when I have more time next year 2003! Right now I have some plasma-pistols to collect on the Halo!! *Off to report to Master Cheif!*
Tags: drawing, games, movies, stuffed animals

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