Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Mid Day Melody

Churn churn.
Thus spins the little blue wheel.
Though it looks more like it's stuck...

On replay: Andrew Sega's Remix of After All by Delerium and Disparate Youth by Santigold.

Sway, sway like the trees did at 3 am this morning.
How did the colorful flowers manage to endure and stand so brightly this morning?

The report is on its way... another few hours of graphing,

Another fall of illness, in rhythm with previous years.
And now, the curious days of recovery.

From chasing baseballs to petting Pokemon,
the colors come and fade.
When they shine their leaves above me, I'm entranced.

Leap up!
Touch them!
Build a ladder to reach the highest of them!

Make a pile!
Dive deep!
Until I'm swimming in them!

And then, suddenly, I'm off on a path in another direction.

"And if we don't fly / we will run" I hear.
"Oh ah / a life worth fighting for" she sings.

Last fall, I had nearly fallen. But God is a Good Shepherd who carries the lambs in His arms, close to His heart. And so He is carrying me. He has shown me that He understands me and cares for me. He has shown me awesome kindness this year. Thank you, Father!

And the work day today is nearly over.

Still, I shrink away from my own room. It is not right for one space to serve as living room, bedroom, laundry room, gym, office, and library...yet that's what my room tries to fit inside. No wonder I feel a silent uneasiness about the space. Too crowded. And I still haven't gotten my rocking chair.

Not comfortable, not comfortable. But at least I can close my eyes and rock on the lull of the music. I am thankful for the comforts that I do have - those are abundant blessings indeed.

Being sick, I had no energy to get out of bed,
   to think straight
      or to do much of anything.

It's difficult to transition back to a state of working without overdoing or sinking into laziness.
I just want a cabinet to crawl into! A quiet place with even borders and known surfaces. A shelter.

My Shelter is invisible. He is steadfast in storm and stillness.
He is where I will return in this moment.
While the little top spins.

"Oh ah / we know now we want more"
"Oh ah / a life worth fighting for"

Here I am.
A mid day melody
in DC.
Tags: art, daily, health, interests, me, music, poetry, work

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