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A new obsession calls for a new layout :3

I almost fell asleep earlier....I was reading my manga and listening to techno and I was in that state of perfect content-ness where I nearly drifted into sleep! Then I remembered that the last meal I ate was Thursday at about one...and it wasn't even wonder I am so tired!

But, I am very happy^_^ Nothing better than laying on my bed surrounded by stuffed animals and X/Tokyo Babylon pictures and reading a good CLAMP manga^^ Ah this is the life! If only it would last forever!! *sighs*

And being nearly asleep, I decided to wake myself up with web-layout stuff and so here's the new LJ layout for my journal :D:D I luv it ^_^ I think gold is my favorite color - considering that it has unknowlingly taken over all over layout and icons over the past year!! lol!

Ima, I am gonna go off and either look at manga more or sleep - whichever comes first!! :3

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