Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

The start of an image map for "interests"

I'm charting the first vague markings of an image map. I'm not sure how these fit together...but I think they do somehow.

-Creating a big picture based on details, but usually only for a limited and well-known scope
-Tendency to give up when I don't think I can know something exhaustively (for example, politics)

-Line in art
-One peice of information follows the next
-One step at a time
-Stims of following lines with my eyes or grooves with my fingers
-Watching electrical lines from the car window
-Techno music
-Water, especially the sunlight patterns on the ocean

-Observing the flow of a crowd so I can navigate safely through
-Lost in conversation because I can't "see" the flow of the other person's mind and thus I don't know where they are going/where I should go
-Fear of hurting others / fear of bumping into others / fear of doing the wrong thing

-Hyperactivity / overstimulation
-Compulsion / obsession

-Concept and image
-Non-verbal problem solving / matrix reasoning

-If it's not a special interest, I have no interest in the topic (and even special "interests" come and go in cycles)

"my eyes dart from webpage to webpage looking for something to latch onto so I can commence climbing" 2012-12-11
"When I find myself waiting with nothing to do, I can't sit still" 2010-06-27
"All of a sudden, one great thing after another comes to mind and I feel enthusiastically compelled to share each of them in turn in-the-stream-of-consciousness that leaves no space for interruption!" 2013-01-18
Tags: info arch, interests
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