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40 and rainy

it's 40 degrees and rainy
a grey december day
i walk along the sidewalk
and hurry along the way

the oak still has its leaves
all brown and cold and still
it will not shed them, will not lose them
even in the chill

the frost, it makes them sparkle
the ice, it makes them shine
and for me who walks beneath them
they are a frame and sign

angle bricks below
a neatly woven grid
crowds and cars and strangers
and one quiet little kid

i feel the awful pressure -
a shield raised as I hide -
how have i tread so long
within this rolling tide?

a ziggurat, a temple,
a prison, and a way
my Lord has been here with me
my Help, my King and Stay

He's the one who brings the spring
when earth jumps up to life
even the cold brown oak leaves
relieved of winter strife

i wait for that green budding
the rosey blossom flower
and with the ancient prophets
i look out from the tower

Oh, God of heaven and earth
Hear me now, I pray -
Give me strength and eyes to see
the beauty in this way.
Tags: path, poetry, work
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