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Remembering Past Birthdays

Jan 28, 2003: Celebrated with Lord of the Rings at Paul Hall :)

Jan 28, 2004: Cheesecake, cosplay, and Hiwatari-kun at Constitution Apartments!

Jan 28, 2005: Birthday in Dendentown, Japan!

Jan 28, 2006: Loving birthdays, Japanese, Chinese, Gettysburg, and the drafty porch-room of the Hutchison House ^_^ (dreading leaving...)

Jan 28, 2007: Fun-filled birthday sprinked with countless blessings in the midst of a very hectic time - grad school!

Jan 28, 2008: Birthday blessings were overshadowed by the loss of my host sister from Croatia...

Jan 28, 2009: Living in Silver Spring, soon about to lose my temporary job, homesick - God paints the skies one night.

Jan 28, 2010: Spent my birthday alone in an alley-house, but found a faithful church to attend. Two weeks later, disaster would hit.

Jan 28, 2011: Many work celebrations and confetti at the office and a surprise at the Bluebird!

Jan 28, 2012: Celebrated with my parents by worshipping at a Messianic church in Virginia :)

Jan 28, 2013: Still working through dark days, still feeling out-of-place, had a very joyful time in God's word that morning thanks to a work delay :D

And what will this birthday be like? :)

Blessed are You, Lord our God, Master of the universe, who has kept us alive and sustained us and has brought us to this special time. (shehecheyanu)
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