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Dreams - James, Bricks, Train/Bus through Secret Places

I had some weird dreams again last night. I've been dreaming so much this year. It's really strange... The dreams are vivid, but don't always stick with me. Here's what I remember of last night's dreams:

I heard James (from Team Rocket) talking about something. Perhaps he and Jessie were planning some new scheme? I saw them in a meadow lane and tried to say or do something to stop them from going ahead with their plans. Meowth was not happy and tried to scratch me; but Wobbuffet jumped in and saved the day! I'm so glad :) After that, the two Pokemon and I just sort of looked at each other, unsure what to do next.

I was sitting in a car waiting outside a very, very tall dark brick building. The bricks were slate color and it seemed to be a sort of church. The top of the facade came to a point and there was detailed brick-work lining the edges in different colors, like the turkey tail fungus I looked at on Wikipedia yesterday. As I was looking at it, the two people I was waiting for jumped into the car and complained about how badly the detail had been done. It was sloppy and not symmetrical. True...but it was still pretty.

Someone had carved elaborate light fixtures out of wood for a miniature display in front of a picture of something that looked like the Hagia Sofia. I could tell that they took a long time to make and was impressed to see three (even though the photograph parallel had more).

I was on a train whose interior was a bus, being driven by a single driver down nice wooden tracks. I enjoyed going around the corners and up over hills and through caves/villages. I was sitting up front, so I had a great view! We were on a long journey - I'm not sure where.

At one point along our journey, the driver set out a box and told us to each take a mask to cover our eyes. This region was hidden and we were not allowed to look at it. I took my sleep mask (the one I bought last year for my Aspergers) an put it on. There was a gap at the bottom, though, so I could still see out the window. It looked like a national park or a resort, but all the visitors were from another country and all the signs were in a foreign language. It looked very peaceful.

As we drove through, the driver had to park the bus in a parking lot for a time and get off. Perhaps he had to get checked by security. No one else on the bus had put on a mask and they were all really curious about the place. One man leapt up and took the driver's seat. He said that he was going to drive the bus down to the other end of the parking area to explore! I refused! He gave me a disapproving, pitying, annoyed look (how could I tell, since I had my mask on??) but I was not going with them. I had to cover my eyes and not move. How could he do such a thing?? Well, he started the bus and I moved to the door, which opened, and as the bus was moving, I jumped off. I landed on the asphalt on my knees and stayed there in a seiza seat for a long, long time. This time, I really couldn't see anything.

I don't know how long I sat there. But I waited. I read-recited some books to myself (short books of the Bible that I had memorized in 2010 and 2011) and waited. And waited. Then, out of nowhere, someone embraced me - it was our bus driver!! He was back :D I was so relieved - and he was relieved, too -- relieved that I had not gone with the rest of the bus and that I had not looked around at this place. I was glad and told him about how I tried to pass the time. I wondered what we would do now? What had happened to the rest of the bus? Where were we? But I wasn't too concerned - I was just happy to be found.
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